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Everybody sees the favors of a respective motor vehicle; it assuredly makes things easier. Still, as soon as you come to be a vehicle driver, there are many phrasing you ought to be acquainted with. In this way, on this webpage, we will show you what exactly an Audi e-tron ground clearance is and in what way to utilize this insight on the streets. Additionally, all necessary numbers and characteristics one may find on our website are organized as neat charts and tables of content for almost any Audi e-tron.

Well, ground clearance (also identified as a ride height) will be the minimum measuring of the interval between the lower part of the car`s chassis and the terrain. Such a number characterizes the narrower detail of each Audi e-tron in comparison with the road, which is why it can be unquestionably beneficial when you drive across pits, and puddles, as well as another challenging road state. By chance, you need to keep in mind that the major part of manufacturers put this measurement for the car excluding supplementary weight. Accordingly, if you and your family plan to go for a kind of getaway using the Audi e-tron, don`t fail to remember that the ground clearance will probably be more low-lying.


What is the ground clearance of a 2022 e-tron?

The e-tron's ground clearance is 172mm but it has adaptive air suspension as standard, allowing the ride height to be increased by 76mm for off-road excursions, or dropped by 20mm at motorway speeds.

What is the ground clearance of Q4 e-tron?

Because of its size, features, ground clearance of 18 cm, and length of 4588 mm, we classify the Audi Q4 e-tron in the category of mid-size SUV.

Can Audi e-tron go off-road?

There are also various drive modes in the e-tron. Brandon utilized both the allroad and offroad drive modes in this test. Offroad mode unlocks a “boost mode”, which raises power output from 240kW to 300kW for a few seconds. The e-tron is loaded with all sorts of fancy off-road tech.

Why is the Audi e-Tron so low?

It is likely you are making short drives with lots of heat. You are looking at the GOM aka Guess O Meter. The GOM will use the recent driving to estimate the range. If all of your drives are short with the heat blasting in winter, in ANY car the range will be much shorter than it would in summer on a long trip.

Which is bigger Q4 e-tron or Etron?

While both the 2023 Audi Q4 e-tron and 2023 Audi e-Tron are electric SUVs, the e-tron is larger and features more performance power making it the more expensive model.

How high is Audi e-tron air suspension?

The E-tron's default ride height is 6.8 inches. At speeds above 75 mph, the suspension automatically drops the car 1.0 inch to reduce drag and improve handling. Switch to Off-Road mode on the Audi Drive Select menu, and the suspension lifts the E-Tron 1.4 inches.

Is air suspension good for long-distance driving?

One of the main benefits of air suspension cars is the improved comfort behind the wheel, making it good for daily driving. The adjustable air suspension makes for a more comfortable ride on poor-quality roads and can improve control when off-roading.

Does air suspension increase ride height?

Air suspension improves the ride height based on the load weight and a vehicle's speed. Higher corner speeds due to air suspension being better suited to the surface of the road.

Why is the patron so heavy?

3) The e-tron is much heavier with a more spacious interior

This extra weight is due to the e-tron having more space and convenient luxury features. This extra weight and size also lead to the e-tron being a much safer electric vehicle.

Can you daily a car with air suspension?

A common question we receive here at AccuAir is: “will air suspension be good for daily driving?” The simple answer is yes. Air suspension has been proven to be a great addition to vehicles for daily driving if installed and maintained correctly.

Why is a lower ride height better?

A low center of gravity is important because it helps to make the car pitch and roll less. The main reason for a low ride height, however, is aerodynamic reasons. Lowering the ride height increases a car's downforce without any significant increase in drag.

Is Audi adaptive air suspension worth it?

it's worth it - it's one of the main advantages of higher-end vehicles - if you want a smooth adjustable ride air suspension all day long.